Monday, August 27, 2007

More makan-makan

Firstly, the outings with cousins.
Halo Cafe seems to be the hang-out place we go to nowadays. It is not a good place for chit-chatting though. Anyways, Lynnwei and Lynthia went to Halo Cafe on last two Thursday nights ago after an unfruitful shopping trip at Imperial. The most memorable of that night is about the HK drama that Lynnwei was telling me about which I am very interested to watch now. :P

Love Yogurt, drink I cant remember the name, chicken popcorn & french fries

Then, we (Lynnwei, Lynnx and I) went to Desserts on Wednesday night. Sort of sitting there chatting and looking through magazines.

Erm... Talking about Halo Cafe. Went there for the first time to support Kueh for the singing competition. Then, second time to support Kueh for the semi-final and finally, on Thursday, the final round.

Had the Sunshine Fish chop which is quite delicious and very fulfilling. Went there as early as 6pm so that we can get a big table to fit everyone. I didnt leave my seat from 6pm till 10pm. Straight 4-hour sitting. I cant believe myself either. So tiring.

Kueh is the Participant no. 6 and it took a pretty long time to wait for him to perform. Anyways... here are the videos of his performance. Kind of noisy though. He only got a consolation prize btw.

Semi-final performance

Final round performance Part 1

Final round performance Part 2

Erm... On Monday, office got broken into. Scary. To think that I am the first one to open the office door. Dont dare to go to office so early anymore.

Been proscratinating. Delaying a lot of things. Dont know why. It just happen. But... the most important thing is that....



Friday, August 10, 2007


Talk about being completely "SOI"

I have been in total soi-ness recently.

My car started to break down... At first, the aircond broke down... After two weeks, the aircond broke down again. After it was fixed, the engine leak oil like mad. After that is fixed, the car doesnt have much brake. When I thought the car is fixed, the mechanic told me the aircond broke down. When I got the car back without fixing the aircond, the brake has little improvement from its previous 'no brake' situation. The car alignment is also a little off and the stupid mechanic fixed the car till it has an even weirder and noisier noise that he blamed on the tyre that has just been replaced about one month ago. Damn!

I had it! I am not fixing the car for the time being. Jinnwei is going back to studying so I will be the only one driving the car. Dont think my dad will want to drive it since it is without aircond. He has been avoiding driving the car. Previously he would drive the car regardless whether I need the car or not.

Then, there is my slippers. My only two pairs of slippers. Both of them broke off. I was slipper-less.

But, I got myself a new pair of slippers instead.

A pair of Diadora orange slippers.

I feel so drained physically and emotionally. Frustration.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Drink more plain water!!!

My mum told me a devastating news about my niece. At a young age of 21, she has kidney failure. She had to do kidney dialysis three times a day in order to extract the excess unprocessed liquid in her body. There was a time after she did the diaylsis, she actually dropped 5kg. That is how bad her water retention is...

She has once graced Borneo Post and the famous Kenny Sia's blog simply because her IC was found and then published in Borneo Post.

I wanted to write a very devastating and touching story about her but I think that it is not right so instead... DRINK MORE WATER!

Not soft drink! Not naturally or artifically sweetened water! BUT plain water...

Drink up to 8 glasses of water...which should equals to 2 litre of water?

And... if drinking alcohol, make sue to drink more plain water because alcohol actually make the liver work harder so you need to drink more water to lessen the burden for the liver.


Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Catching up...

Hmm.. I have a lot of pics in my handphone that I planned to post but havent post yet. So, now, I am going to do it.

Some time ago, had a chance to taste Pizza hut's latest pizza, Cheesy bites. Erm... It was so-so.

Then, there is this recent lunch at the Taiwanese Restaurant. I, sort of, fell in love with their Ja Jiang Mien. Love the taste of the sauce. Gosh... I am so hungry now. Erm... Didnt really fully enjoyed the fried dumpling though. 'Cause too full after consuming the noodle.

Yam Milk Tea, Fried Dumplings, & Ja Jiang Mien

Oh! Halo Cafe is one of the latest addition to Miri's night spots. Went there twice so far with Lynnwei and to support Kueh.

The first time. Lynnwei and I shared a Ceasar Salad. I had Jasmine Tea and Lynnwei had something Float.

The second trip... Lynnwei and I shared the Gong Bow Squid. That will be my pot of Rose Tea with real rose buds in it.

Know what happen if people get too bored at the museum? They take pictures of themselves...

We got too bored waiting for Lynthia, YEs & friend to return so we took this and a few more pictures while waiting.

Oh! Tried the earthquake car...So funny~! Fortunately we played with it so much earlier because there were quite a number of people there after that.

Friday, August 03, 2007

It is finally finished

I finally done the post on wedding for Irene...

go to wgtg to read it!!

J-Drama? K-Drama?

I think people is such a funny creature. I am refering to myself specifically. When I was working very hard during peak period, I promised myself that I will watch the k-drama that Jac lent me and also the hongkie drama that I have gotten Chinos to burn for me long ago.

But instead.... ever since I had my new laptop and the introduction of veoh by jinnwei, I have been downloading k-drama and j-drama to watch. Actually, it has been more like downloading like crazy but didnt really watch much.

I was originally attracted to this k-drama, Mawang aka The Devil, which is acted by my favourite actor, Joo Ji Hoon. After a few episodes, Hling got me the dvd from the chinese lady seller. I watched the final episode. I am that impatient. And ever since then, I have not been watching this series but I am still in the progress of downloading the version with english subtitle. Since I have started downloading a few episodes, I thought might as well download the whole thing and burn it into a dvd and save it for future entertainment. :P

Then, at the same time, I was also attracted to this k-drama, Witch Yoo Hee aka Witch Amusement. It is a very light-hearted and funny drama. Erm... Actually, I enjoyed the beginning of the drama but not so sure about the ending because I sort of stopped watching it. :P

Why did I stopped watching Witch Yoo Hee? Because I was attracted by another K-drama, The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince. Muahaha.... I am currently still watching and waiting for this drama because the drama is still showing and filming in Korea and english subtitle requires time to come out in veoh. Since Coffee Prince requires time to be available for downloading, I diverted my attention to this J-Drama, Hanazakari no Kimitachi e aka Hana Kimi aka Japanese version of Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu. One thing I like about J-Drama is that they are not fussy at all. They get straight to the point without being so lo-so about everything. I did try to watch the Taiwanese version and found myself so disgusted and sick of the lo-so-ness within 5 minutes of the show that I stopped immediately. After immersing myself into the world of K-drama and J-drama, I found myself blurting out bits and pieces of Korean and Japanese words in my daily life. Cham lo.... Nan Da Yo?!

On a different issue, I went to watch Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix with Joanna and Ms Wee. I enjoyed it despite of several negative response from friends. And i found myself impatient to know the ending to this Harry Potter epic so I actually got to know the whole story from Kim. Hehe...

Which brings me to another point that is I found myself being really impatient recently. I cannot stand waiting for a long time and easily get irritated and rather give it up then wait for any longer. Dont think this is a good habit. Sigh...