Thursday, October 28, 2010


Monday.. Shake for breakfast... Can't remember what I had the rest of the day. Oh.. Dinner at LS's house. Yum~!

Tuesday... Shake for breakfast again. Lunch with LS... Country chicken rice. It has been so long since I had that. Dinner at LS's house again. Oh... Fried kimchi pork~ my mouth waters at the thought of the sour kimchi.

Wednesday... Got cheated by dad. I thought he wanted me to accompany him for breakfast so I forsaken my shake but turned out there wasn't enough time so I had to make do with a cup of cappuccino and later a stick of fishballs and one fragrant mushroom pork bun. Lunch was economical rice... Dinner was supposed to be a shake but due to time constraint, I only had a pear as I headed out of the house then a plate of tomyam spaghetti and spring roll at Secret Recipe. Simply too much...

Thursday.. Today... Had a seminar at Imperial Hotel. I limit myself to one piece per pastry and there were only two pastries. Boo! Anyways... Dinner was combo chicken & steak set at Best Western. Yum~,no shake today... :(

Oh dear.. So darn sleepy now..

Sunday, October 24, 2010


That day lunch was nasi lemak.. Dinner was a full course meal which main dish is Beijing Duck. Yum~

Then it was the shake for breakfast again. Then went for the Sushi King Sushi Bonanza. RM2 for each sushi plate. Three girls devoured a total of 28 plates. Burp... then I thought I should not eat dinner...just have a drink..cos it is EGM night. Manalah tahu I ended up eating a whole plate of chicken chop after the accidental chicken wings and pizza... oh mien...all the effort gone down the drain... btw, Coco's went all out on their cheese for the pizza....

Friday... Had the shake for breakfast. Feeling bloated about last night. But still went to eat lunch at Chong & Law. then dinner at Taste Bak Kut Teh...Then, K session at Rex Box. Supper at 230am.

Saturday... First breakfast after so many days. oh~! Yummy-ness even though it was just kolo kuey tiaw. Lunch was curry chicken rice... A foot massage straight after lunch.. Then wedding dinner.

Sunday... supposed to go hiking but slept till late morning. After lunching at Sanga, went home and I fell asleep. Too much sleep = headache. Dinner was chicken chop...

Darn... a few days of proper meal. Time to restart my diet plan again. Sigh...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Entry no.4

Yesterday shud consider as a successful day. I managed to make do my breakfast and lunch with just the shakes. Then a glass of kopi c in the afternoon to curb the hunger... Dinner was ... Hehe.. I had a bowl of gan mien, scoopful of mun mien, a few pieces of chicken feet and a few pieces of chicken. Ohyes... Hungry!!

Today I decided only to have the shake as breakfast. Too hungry today. Too much walking around this morning... Perhaps... Shall update again..

Btw felt slimmer yesterday. Not so bloated... Then this morning I felt that my work skirt is less tight... I thnk I am losing my puffiness

Monday, October 18, 2010

Entry no. 3

Day 7 shake for breakfast. Wanted to bring a portion to office for lunch but forgotten all about it. Planning to bring it tomorrow. Lunch was chicken rice and an apple. Super hungry. :p actually had the plan to eat rm2 sushi but ended eating pizza at Pizza Hut instead.

Super sleepy yet again. :p

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Entry no.2

Day 5 it's public holiday. Public holiday equals to lazing in bed till late morning. While lazing, I managed to skipped breakfast. Had lunch though. Then I went to Bintang Megamall to shop despite of my claim that I don't shop at Bintang Megamall on weekends cos I dislike the searching for carpark. Had a glass of q jelly green tea. Dinner was supposed be the shake.. Only the shake. But I went out to secret recipe and had a few mouthful of cakes. That was not all... I had a few pieces of steamed crabs courtesy of my dad after I came home from secret recipe.

Day 6 I woke up to purposely drink the shake.. And went back to lie on the bed. Lunch was at Ah Tao Cafe while waiting for car wash.then off to shop somemore... Had a glass of q jelly green tea... Then kuihs while watching Jet Li's Fong Sai Yuk. Btw Jet Li is super good looking in the movie. swoon~ err... Dinner was chix wings and fried maggi mee. Urgh...


Friday, October 15, 2010

Diary Entry No.1

Had an inspiration this morning-to make some sort of diary blog. Err.. Weight loss diary blog. Hehe..

Anyways... here goes.

Day 1 should have been 12th October,2010 (Monday)because I just got back from my KK trip and has definitely gained some weight. Turned out I didnt start on that day. Therefore, it becomes Day 0. hehe..

Day 1 , 13th October 2010, I drank the drink during lunch. Normal breakfast and dinner. Damn hungry. Urgh...

Day 2, I drank the drink for breakfast. Normal lunch. Indulge in Hartz Chicken Buffet for dinner.

Day 3, I have lost the 2 kgs gained during KK trip. Amazing! Err..well, actually I always lose the travelling-gained-weight pretty fast. So no biggie. Drank the drink for breakfast and lunch. I also consume half a biji of pineapple. Yum... Then a plate of lamb chop for dinner.

Day 4... Today... Not drinking the drink today cos I have meal appointment with different ppl. Hehe.. BBQ tonight~! Muahaha..

Hopefully Saturday I will be able to continue the drinking program. :D