Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Studying Is Not Getting Into My Head

So, it has been...Day Two in the office.

I think I didnt mention about me being in KL for a few days after the Korea Trip. Saw JWei's place (which Mum immediately cleaned up due to its horrendous messy and dusty state), hang out with Lynnx and Lynthia, also hang out with Dennis, shopping and tried to do some studying.

I tried Chili's with JWei and Mum.... Actually, JWei gave the reason that he is very kohlian at his place so my Mum had to treat him to something nice. Thus, Chili's it is.

Then... I went to Mantin (a place in Negeri Sembilan) where my aunt is at. People, the place is smaller than Sarikei. Can you imagine?!

Then, I left Mantin the next day to go to Lynnx's place. Overnight there for two nights. Day One went to Midvalley and then DUMC. Day Two went to Ikea and Ikano Power Centre with Dennis.

That's me at DUMC

After Lynnx's place, I used KTM to go to Mantin to fetch Mum. And back to JWei's place for two more nights. We did go to Sunway Pyramid and had a walk... Kinda boring.

The Kimchi I bought at Korea. Yummy~

And finally... The stuff I bought for myself from Korea...minus the BB Cream, which I forgot to put in

At this moment, I havent been studying well. Which is bad. Hwaiting!


Lynnwei said...

yay! finally u got the spoon! ehehe...i've never been to ahwei's place! hoho...is it big?
DUMC rocks!

g0hy|3 said...

yea! Fianlly I got the spoon. But then, now I dont want to use it. Too sayang. Hahaa...

Ahwei's place..is ok la. Not too big, not too small.

sherp said...

the kimchi actually looks quite scary up close. eek.
gd luck studying!

< u3! y!nG > said...

eh.. cool ler.. everyone went to lynnx's church?

g0hy|3 said...

the kimchi... i agree. After I took the pic and look at it, I had a scary feeling of it. Hehe....But it is so yummy. sour-ly spicy-ly yummy.

err...everyone? I went with lynthia and lynnx...