Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What to say?

Let's see... As you all know, I am quite busy. Yea...Busy. So... yea...I guess people are hating me for not updating my blog.

Ermmm..... my hair. It is very long now. Longer than before. I think it is reaching the waist area. But my hair has natural waves so... it is very messy now. Need to find the time to go do something with it soon. Right now, it is either all tied up or in a bun.

Got the bridemaid's dress from Irene the Sept Bride two nights ago. Bad news. I cant fit into the dress. Gasp! Ladies and gentlemen, the September Challenge is still on!! I will fit into the dress!! End of emotional outburst. :p

JWei will be back in Miri on Sunday. Cant wait. My purse shall be drained dry. Wipe the cold sweat on my forehead.

Ermm... Need to get some work done before sleeping. Same thing each time. So much to do, so little time.


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