Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I just realised that I went into my non-post mode again. Haha...

Erm... Firstly, hair - i didnt cut it short. Change of mind. Mum said it is better to perm (and colour). But she said she didnt say that when I told everyone that she is the one who changed my mind. She was merely commenting how permed (and coloured) hair is much nicer. Bleh... i am still looking for that killer picture of me in permed (and black) hair.

As for my job searching quest, well, it is still in progress. Too many uncertainties.

My weight is still the same. I have been getting mixed reviews from people. Some people said that I have lost some weight. Some people said that I have gained weight. The scale says that I still weigh the same. Haha... I have been really hardworking - go walk at Taman Bulatan on weekdays. :D

And then...there is this annoying thing. The tenant. He is overdue on his first month rent payment. WTF (Sorry). The broker, whom I messaged, did not return my message. WTF (Sorry again). Just sent a sms to the tenant. Hopefully the payment will come in fast. Otherwise, I might have to actually go and ask face to face liaw.

Ok.. About time to go. Time to walk off the fats.


jazz said...

sigh the ups and downs.
jia you ning jie.

Sherp said...

GRR the tenant!

g0hy|3 said...

let's us all ganbatte!!

Still no payment from the tenant till today. Really cannot la...