Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Mummy is so cute~

It;s Mummy's chinese birthday today.

On her angmoh's birthday, she was quite emo. JWei and I had no idea why. cough.. we forgot her birthday...cough..Then, Dad smsed me to tell me that it' s Mum's bday.

Shit lor... JWei and I prepared NOTHING. so we pretended nothing is going on. Ate our dinner and then.. when Dad went to pay for the dinner, we two sang bday song to her.

Mum: Eh.. my birthday hor. I forgot le.
Me: Har? In my mind, isnt she emo because we forgot meh??!!
Mum: Present le?
Me: Dont have. Your angmoh's bday fake one. We only honour the chinese bday.
Mum: Actually today is your dad and mine's wedding anniversary le. Hohoho!! Dad's in trouble. He forgot!!

Fast forward to today.

Called her this morning...

Me: Tao Kay Nio, happy birthday o!
Mum: present le?
Me: Tay Kao Nio, your children is giving you an all-expenses paid trip to KK. Hehe...
Mum: Why KK?
Me: Cheap la.. Your children cannot afford expensive places yet le.
Mum: I dont want KK.
Me: Then, you want where?
Mum: I want KL
Me: Why KL?
Mum: I want to be there on 2nd May. Got seminar I want to attend.

So cute la~!!!


jazz said...

lol lol lol

Anonymous said...

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