Friday, June 25, 2010

5 inches

As my 3.5inches heels getting raggier...dirtier...due to daily usage... I have been on the hunt since. Actually, I have been on the hunt for a new pair of slippers, heels and covered flats. I bought the slippers some time last week.

The slippers are such a cute pair. Brown and pink colour...I bought the slippers and discovered my blunder. I judged the prettiness of my slippers on the foot pad and...when I wear it, it is totally under my foot - not seen-able. Blah~!! Nevertheless, it is still comfortable.

Anyways.. after weeks of searching for the pair of heels (and flats), I finally bought ...not one..but two pairs of heels.
Quite unexpectedly, really. I have been haunting Vincci for so many many times...and I never find the pair that I like...and unexpectedly, I bought that pair of wedges. It has the height that I am looking for - 4 inches. Then...the black stiletto heels are the bonus pair - 5 inches heels. OMG.

Me love~
and all thanks to Lynthia for being so inspiring and to AhNing too...AhNing, you may borrow any of the pairs if you need them. :)


LX said...

How much are they?

LingDi said...

The hitam one is 116 and the coklat one is abt 70. my bad, the ones i like are always the very mahal ones. -_-||

g0hy|3 said...

well... i wanted to buy heels. And heels I bought. :)

Those are great choices!!

sherp said...

wah wah i like the hitam one. hhahha
and nice layout ningjie!!

jazz said...

goodness, i love all the heels.
i dont want to use the savings to buy new heels so im just gona gaga at them. =P