Thursday, December 09, 2010

and there is the 5-day birthday celebration

I guess not many people can say that they celebrate their birthday for 5 days. I think I been increasing my birthday celebration each year. This year - 5 days. Sweat...Starting with the bbq at Chen's place. Meant to be a surprise but failed. Hohoho... Just happen that I am super active checking out my facebook that day. Chen made meesua.... Touched! Super yummy de meesua plus the hard boiled egg specially peeled by Elaine~

Day 2 is on Thursday night at ...Tiger Room (i think) at New Tanjong Seafood. Great food again. Ahh... my favourite prawns~ The cannot-taste-any-herb-just butter fried herbal squid~On the same night, 4 kilos of crabs were massacred in four flavours - dry butter, wet butter, black pepper and the original steamed. Since the wet butter is so darn nice, we finished off with a plate of wet butter prawns.... cholesterol to the max!
Next day next day... had a rather light lunch - Sushi King. Haha... The thing is that I discovered that I dun really want to go all crazy on the sushi-on-the-belt cause kind of expensive and I keep remembering that i had those for rm2 each on the Sushi Bonanza... Urgh..When is that going to happen again? I want to go all out on the sushi again.... T.T just for the record, the plates are of the consumption of 4 people, not me alone. I am not that glutton.
On the actual day....
Mr Ho's .... Succulent pork... haha.. >.<>
Final day....actually it was to finish the leftover food from the bbq on day 1. Hehe... the meat is super marinated. Super flavoured.
I had my shake before sorting the pics and writing this post.... And.... I am sensing a lil stomach rumbling. Oh mien....

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akshay said...

wow,its yummy dishes,nice post.