Monday, January 31, 2011

Back from Sibu

I went to to Sibu anticipating that I will not spend more RM100. I mean how much can a bunch of kom pia cost?

To my horror, I spent slightly more than RM500. Damn...

My shopping items are as follows... a bunch of kom pias plus an assorted bunch of pias... a pyjamas (yes, I bought one. It is pink and it has bears all over it. lol).. a t shirt... dad's polo shirt.. mum's top... two tops... one work skirt... one panty hose... Glup!

I left Miri at about 8 plus am. Arrived in Sibu at almost 3pm. Checked in and hang out in my hotel room till 530pm. Went down to fetch my room mate to our room where we proceeded to get ready for the birthday dinner.

630pm - we entered into the magnificently huge Kingwood Ball. The dinner was quite nice... Really really full stomach.

After dinner, we went to visit a colleague's house...and back to hotel to zzz.

Sunday - went to buy kom pia first. Then to this unknown shopping place (I bought nothing here). Then to Premier where I bought two tops and one polo shirt. Then to Dae Sim where I bought the cute pyjamas. Then to Wisma Sanya - where I spent RM 260 at Toledo buying one work skirt, one panty hose and two tops.

Had late lunch and headed back to Miri. Arrived at 830pm.


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