Monday, March 07, 2011

You still there?

Another oh-so-hectic moment...

Despite leaving the super busy life I had two years ago, I find myself becoming busier. I dont get it. Now it's not just that few is now a continuous busy-ness. Darn...

I did make a trip to Sarikei... Loads of makan-makan. The list is as follows:-
1) A1's red kolo mee at 4am - pre-departure
2) an apple in the car at Bintulu
3) two hard boiled eggs in the car - on our way to Sibu
4) a plate of kam pua at Sibu
5) durians at Mum's friend's house
6) ginseng shot at Aunt's house
7) grass jelly c at Aunt's house
8) super delicious dinner at Sarikei's best restaurant

Day 2
9) kolo mee
10) kong pia while wandering at the veggie market
11) home cooked meal at cousin's house - fatty roasted pork!
12) Kokoberry's pearl milk tea at Sibu

Had a drive around reminiscing our childhood at Sarikei with Yuan after shopping at Ngiu Kee Supermarket. I discovered that I only can remember..ermm.. two residential streets. lol. The rest of the residential area is a mystery to me.

Visited my primary school's tuition teacher... she still looks the same! The area I used to sit looks so small now... hehe...

Drove for the first time in Sarikei... Erm... impossible to get lost there.

Then... I came back to Miri and dived back into the busy-ness and late nights.

Then... I explored the possibility of devouring other Secret Recipe food (I almost always order the same thing - Tom Yam spaghetti). Gourmet pie soup ... black pepper lamb pie ... yummylicious...

The next day (which is yesterday), I held a manicure and pedicure session at Yi Po's house. Guess it was a success. Total manicure done - 3. Total pedicure - 6.

Finally.. Happy birthday to Lynnwei~!! May you have many great years ahead.


LX said...

HAHAHAHHA I like the bit when you say impossible to get lost in Sarikei.

g0hy|3 said...

it's least in the vicinity of the town la. If drive till the outer area, I am surely lost. :p

TariNenharma said...

;) I think it is possible...