Thursday, May 26, 2011

Scared myself

I used to read a lot of mangas on Then, the site stopped providing mangas so I cut off this hobby of mine...ok la, not completely cut off. I did find a site that has some of my must-read manga so I could still read some of them.

Then, recently I found another site that actually quite similar to onemanga and it's so much better than the one I am reading from.

I decided to continue reading some of the mangas that I have cut off... One of them is this Kuroshitsuji. It's a story about an English Earl who is still a kid but he is the only surviving family member of the family and he survived because he made a pact with a demon who becomes his butler. The most recent development in the storyline is that they have boarded a cruise ship and the cruise ship contains coffins of undead...zombies. Geezz... I was instantly chilled when I reached that page that says that there are ten times more of the undeads on the ship. Sweat sweat...

Ok, I shall not be freaked out by a manga!

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