Monday, March 05, 2012


Somehow I think EGM is just not accurate. It is fast becoming an AGM.

Location of this EGM is Mega Hotel's Chatterbox...and seriously we were the chattering like it's no one's business. Chatterbox offers steamboat buffet for RM46 (?).
There are just probably eleven ready-cooked main dishes... The rest of the main dishes are for steamboat purposes. Eat eat eat... I dont think I ate a lot but man, I tell you...I was so full!!
You know how you have so many things to do and yet you still go and do something else that is not related to those things that you should be busy about. That's what I am doing now. I call this... Avoiding Reality.


Salima L. Felidae said...

I didn't know until you mentioned the price in RM that you weren't from an English speaking country. I'm impressed. I've been trying to learn another language for a long time, and I'm still only fluent in English.

Kevin said...

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henrymax22 said...

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