Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Recalling the trip

Packed my stuff two days before the departure day. Dont really have much time to think and be excited about the trip due to the workload at office though. Felt as if I was trying to cramp as much work as possible so that I dont have to worry too much after the trip.
Miri Airport & LCCT

Arrived the earliest at the airport. Closely followed by Aaron and Kueh, then Laura and finally Kelvin. Didnt sleep in the plane although it was already quite late. Instead, we played 'Cho di' during the whole flight. Arrived at LCCT at 12.30am. By the time we put all our stuff down in the condominium unit, it was already 230am. The condominium is at Taman Melati, Setapak.
The condominium electronic card

The bedroom and my luggage

Friday, 02.02.2007 - We drove a long way to Sunway Pyramid. At first, we went to eat brunch at Kim Gray Restaurant. I had a set meal of one bouche (i think this is how it is spelled), baked cheese rice with beef, jelly and a glass of fruit milk drink.
Kim Gray - French toast and my set meal

Celery bites - Proof that I can withstand celery in soup. Urgh~!

Thomas and Chinos came to meet us and window shopped with us after that. My first shopping items are one khaki handbag and one bracelet from Radioactive. We strolled through Sunway Pyramid then left the place for 1 Utama. We had a Secret Recipe dinner, which I devoured a spicy tomyam spaghetti. Dont really like it. I prefer the one I had at KK, which was less mild.
Secret Recipe's TomYam Spaghetti

We then strolled around 1U then went to Ming Tien where there are variety of food available for supper.
Ipoh Hor Fun

Actually we also ate fried oysters but I forgot to take a pic of it. Hehe... Too busy eating. Yum~!


Saturday, 03.02.2007 - Due to lack of water the day before, I think I was so dehydrated that my liver felt very warm and thus, not feeling so well. Drank a lot more water this day. We went to MidValley. I waited for Jinnwei and Lynnx for brunch. We had a Manhattan Fish huge platter and I also ordered the recommended Peanut Butter Smoothie which has another name which I cant remember now. And for dessert, we had Papa Bread (or Bread Papa)'s cream puff. The cream puff is really really yummy.

Huge Seafood Platter and Cream Puff

Baskin Robbins' Mango ice cream

Then, the three of us went on a shopping frenzy (more like only me on a frenzy). Poor Jinnwei 'cause he had to follow me around as Lynnx left to meet up with her friend. Well, at least he got a Billabong shirt out of it. I got myself two working shirts and one long khaki pants. At 3 sumthing pm, Jinnwei left me with my friends as he went off to do whatever he wants to. After a stroll around, we went to the next destination: Power House, Ikea and The Curve.
Ikea - Restaurant, Meatballs, Huge Gondolas, Showroom

First, we went to Ikea for dinner. I ordered the famous Swedish Meatballs. I love Ikea. I wanted to get everything there. I want to change the furniture in my house. But how to transport back le?!! Wait! What is more important is where can i get the money?!! Anyway, after that we went to have a stroll at Power House and then The Curve.
The Curve - with its beautiful CNY decoration

After that, Laura went to find her aunt while I went to find Jinnwei. Hmm... Jinnwei's place is like any other rented students house. Messy is the word to describe it. Well, after that, we went home to sleep. We got an early morning the next day.

Sunday, 04.02.2007 - We woke up early to go to Genting. After a roti canai breakfast, we drove to the cable car station and used the cable car to go up. We went into the casino first. Then, we went to the indoor theme park. Erm. I can say that the Genting trip is pretty boring as we didnt want to spend the money to go out to the outdoor theme park. So we ended up just going on the monorail to go round the outdoor theme park.

Mandatory feet shot


McD Lunch - Beef Prosperity Foldover at Genting McD

After coming down from Genting, we went straight to our dinner location, Saisaki Restaurant. The japanese buffet is amazing. Too much choices. I didnt manage to eat as much as I hope. Too full.

We went to Times square to look around. Kind of too tired already so I didnt really feel like shopping around. We then went out to the cafe to chit-chat. Recalling our university lives. hmmm... I miss those days.

Monday, 05.02.2007 - We parked our car at Times Square then walked all the way to Sungei Wang to have brunch at Super Noodle House.

I ordered a plate of roasted duck with HorFun but the Hor Fun turned out to be a bit too mushy. Anyway, after that, we walked to StarHill to have a look around. Er..too high-end for us. So, we moved on to KL Plaza and had a little exploring going on in there then straight to Lot 10. At Lot 10, I finally lost it. I had been trying to constraint myself from buying any makeup which I know I dont really use. Well, I bought a Red Earth foundation package. Aiyoks~! At the same time, we met up with Thomas there and then I bought mum's fur gloves. After walking around Lot 10, we crossed the road to go to Sungei Wang and BB Plaza. Dont really have anything to buy anymore. So, after we had a little pc stuff shopping at Low Yat, we headed to Petaling Street. Weird... Petaling Street is not as i remembered it. Perhaps it has been too long. Anyways, after that, we headed to SS2 to look around the pasar malam. We went to eat our dinner at this place called 'Gei Dak Sek' which serves really tasty dessert. The mango lok, which all of us ordered, is really nice.

That's the Szechuan Sour Hot Hor Fun and Mango Lok

After dinner, we went to stroll at the pasar malam. Hmm.. After a fulfilling dinner, nothing in the pasar malam can attract my attention. We went home playing 'Cho Ti' while eating otak-otak and tempura tofu and mushrooms. Couldnt really finalised my luggage packing 'cause I still have a few more things that I cant packed yet. Anyways... it is the final night at KL.

Tuesday, 06.02.2007 - Because we need to give the keys back to Laura's cousin, we went to KLCC as her office is there. We ate A&W for brunch.

After brunch, we window-shopped around. Hmm... Nothing much to shop for actually. Then, we left the place to go to buy more bak kua before heading to LCCT or I thought so. Turned out that we actually detoured to Cyberjaya and Putrajaya. When we reached airport, we checked in and then went to McD to have dinner. I had Spicy Beef Foldover. Ok... I dont really enjoy this foldover. I prefer Prosperity Beef Foldover.
hmmm... that pretty much sum up my trip to KL. Oh! One thing.... I always take photos of the place we parked in shopping centres. Worried we might forget where we park the car. Hehe...