Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Final Escape Before Plunging Down

A final trip before plunging into the endless hole of work and study till mid of July. A trip that I sort of anticipated for a long time. For two particular reasons.
Reason one is, a reason that has been in my mind for (at least) three years, that is, I want to go to KL to shop and visit. Many people told me that KL has nothing to do at all. May I point out that these people has recently been to KL and yet they told me that KL is not a place to go to. But they dont know how envious and clueless I am whenever I hear about the places in KL, eg. Carrefour, Ikea, Sunway Pyramid, 1 Utama, etc. Simply because I have never been there!
Reason two is that this trip will be an official with-friends trip. Ignoring the fact that we went to travelling at KK and Kuching before this. This time we travelled together from Miri to KL. No travelling alone. Together fly there. Together fly back.
After this trip, it will be all work and study and no play. It will be boring and hectic months. Erm.. Ok, there are holidays to be happy about for each month from now till June. July till December schedule havent issued yet.

We actually have an intinenary made before our trip. Basically we have our five days planned out. A plan filled with shopping and culinary experiences. The culinary places we went are recommended and carefully selected to satisfy our taste buds.

This trip, I have the use of Yuanz's Samsonite cabin-size luggage bag. I was worried that I might overpacked again so I limit myself to half of the bag. It weighted at 7kgs when I checked it in. No worries then. I sort of once again over-packed as I have two clean tops and one short pants left at the end of my trip. I didnt change my clothing as often as I expected. Oh well....

Our accommodation is graciously provided by Laura's cousin. Her condominium unit. Wait~! Her NEW condominium unit. There are not much furnitures, just mattresses, dining table and chairs. But we didnt need anything else than that. Thanks to Laura's cousin for letting us use her place! I hope we dont use too much electricity and water though.

We rented a car to travel around. A Waja. Considering the fact that we didnt need to spend any money on accommodation, the amount of places we want to go, the number of participants for this trip, and also Kelvin's amazing driving skills, renting a car to use is the best alternative. Using that Waja actually made me consider asking Dad to get me a Waja to replace the old Wira. Still a thinking-in-progress now though.

On a happy note, I am glad I didnt gain any extra kilo due to all the food consumed at KL. We did drink less water. It is more like not drinking water at all during shopping time. I suffered chapped lips on the second day. More water was consumed the next day so that I wouldnt get sick. Talking about getting sick, I seems to have a weird trait during travelling. On the final two days of the trip, I had a terrible migraine (same during KK and Kuching trip). This time, I bought headache pills, Pronstan, to cure it so that I wouldnt be moodless while walking around. It worked so I was a happy girl throughout the trip except for that few hours.

My budget for this trip is actually just RM 800 but I think I blew it. I think I might have spent RM 1,000. Food, car and shopping included. Air ticket not included. Talking about my shopping this time, I spent a whole load of money on my second day at MidValley. Thinking of my shopping loot, it wasnt much. Looking at my spending list, I think I spent a lot on food. Well, actually it was within my initial food budget of RM300. Right on the spot. RM300 all on food itself. So i guess what blew my budget were the unexpected pampering of jinnwei, my mum's gloves and the foundation set.

Going to try to do as much cleaning around the house before going back to work next week. Got to give the house its spring cleaning although there will be no CNY celebration this year.

Have I enjoyed my trip? Yupe. And I am ready for the plunge.

P/s: Pics and more description coming soon.


lynnx01 said...

Yea.. the Billabong shirt you bought for Ah Wei... hehehe.

Btw, Waja is no good! I see so many people selling them off. For eg, my friend Lydia, my friend Lydia's bf, and our own cousin Ah Ning. HEhe!

< u3!y!nG > said...

Nice.. after enjoying trips and hols, now u r ready to work hard. I am also ready to study hard and I plan to study EVERY day. No one is allowed to disturb me, as in sit there and watch me studying. U know wat im talking about. hehehe....