Sunday, October 19, 2008

5.5 modules left

With the return of my refrigerator, I have placed back all of its decorations including a few additions.

For those who didn't know, the fridge was... missing and replaced with a smaller one for the past two (?) months. Then, it finally came back.

It feels weird to use this fridge as I have adapted to the smaller one. Then again, I am excited to see all the extra space. Haha...
Err... might edit this post later.

Alright... I ended up editting this post two days later. Well, actually this is supposed to be on a new post but I want to edit this post so... yea.

Nothing much has happened. I was busy studying for one day and then not studying at all for one day. I have finally read Naruto to its latest manga episode.

JWei is back in the house. Surprisingly, I dont have to give up the laptop spot. He has set up his laptop on the rummy table (erk! How to play rummy like this?).

Ah! Amabel aka Abelle's bday!! Happy Birthday, darling!!

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jazz said...

Good luck, ning jie!! you are considering to migrate?