Saturday, October 11, 2008

Officially Away For 3 Weeks

King City's Black Pepper Chicken Rice

Hmm... Last month I was away from office for two weeks and I took about two days to get used to go to feel normal again. Now, I will be on leave for another three weeks.
Out of this 3-week, 2 weeks will be spent speed-studying my final CPA subject. Then the final week is for exam... Ahhhh!!! Scary!!
But, as usual, whenever I go on leave, the first and sometimes second day will be used to complete some stuff that I can't do during office hours eg. bank stuff etc.
I am actually feeling very hungry now 'cause I havent had any breakfast and I am waiting for my appointment time. And then, I will have brunch. :p So... I am sort of stuck at writing this post. Erm... Thinking whether I should go to Brunei... Yumm.... Excapade. Haha...
Btw, do check out this song by a Korean group, Epik High - 1분 1초 aka 1 minute 1 second


ueiying said...

Yum, the food looks nice.
oh btw, did i mention to u that my blog changed?

lynnx01 said...

Food looks good. I am hungry.

g0hy|3 said...

The food does look yummy, doesnt it?

ueiying, yea, i know ur blog has changed. I have updated my blogroll.

sherp said...

ei? i commented here before ooo?
is that round ring thing onion or squid? it makes my mouth water!

and i commented before that i thought epik high and ft island were the same ppl for a few sec coz of the song title hehe.. ft island has some nice songs!

g0hy|3 said...

The round ring is onion. It was surprisingly sweet and juicy.

sherp, intro me some ft island's songs. I am thinking to broaden my music playlist.