Friday, April 23, 2010

Not back to earth yet

Funny that Carol has mentioned to me today whether I have gone back from the clouds. I have been cloud-watching recently. As in... when I am driving around, I tend to look up to the sky and think 'whoa! That is a nice piece of cloud formation' and snap! Photo taken and I continue driving.

Has not being able to find any inspiration to write anything recently. Dunno why. I thought reading all those romance novels might get some creative juice going. But it is not happening. Instead I find myself mellowing.

I find myself sitting down in front of the laptop without any music. no tv. no talking. just the sound of the mouse clicking and the keyboard typing. Oh dear... I am turning into an anti-social nerd freak!

Err... this moment... I am running out of things to say so... my ending pic titled 'When McD Sundae meets Warm Chocolate Cake'

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