Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's a Man World

Accounting seems to be dominated by the ladies... Eg. when I went to an accounting seminar, roughly 80% were females. Males are really rare... But then, somehow, the males often are the one holding the higher accounting position. Hmmm... perhaps there is not much competitiveness in females to obtain higher job positions.

Anyways... this morning I went to a seminar in regard to timber. I represented a colleague who wasn't feeling well. Upon the start of the seminar, I realised that I was one of the three ladies in the room full of males... I felt so out of place.

Oh dear...

p/s: One of the speaker (who is an ex-pat, a timber industry trainer and possibly a New Zealander) looks so manly that I felt so awake when he was presenting his oh-too-short presentation. Haha!!
p/s: although his goatie is quite attractive (a boost to his manliness), I cant help but feeling like shaving his chin all clean. Haha!!

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