Tuesday, July 20, 2010

i want to go to sleep but..

my wheat in Facebook's Frontierville is just 30 minutes away from becoming ripe...i want to harvest them before going to sleep... :p

Went to Baby Donny's Full Month Party... congrats~~ Havent open to see the cupcake yet... tomorrow la... But I do know what to do with the ribbon (used to tie the box of the cupcake). I shall use it as my shoelaces! Heheee... I know I am horrible to use the ribbon as shoelaces. The thing is that I have been pondering about getting a black ribbon to zhng my Malindi flats. :)

Hehe... Ok, I still got so much time so I went to take pics of the cupcake. :p

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LX said...

This is called creativity to the max!