Monday, July 05, 2010


I thought I have been quite hardworking at updating my blog...then... suddenly I realised..oh no! I missed out on so many days. Darn it!

Sorry. Life has been expectedly boring...monotonous. I need some spicing up~

Ah~ I been quite hardworking at preparing dinners for myself. Err..No pic though. Too ugly to look at the dinners. :p

Just read up on a short advice about sleeping before 11pm. Right now, I am thinking... Should I practise that? We will see...we will see... I am not so sure yet. Hehe...

Bah... I am honestly thinking if there is any happening coming... Ah... The monotony.

1 comment:

Sherp said...

same here
have the ball this saturday but dont knw le if anything interesting gona happen