Monday, February 14, 2011

I am bored

I remember there was a time when I ask a friend "what does couple do when they are together?"
He answered "errr... They talk to each other and other stuff"
I replied "isnt that what you do when you are with your friend? Then might as well as just be friends. Why want to make it girlfriend boyfriend le?"
Friend was speechless. He couldn't explain to me why it is like that.

Recently I think I have found the answer to my question. My life in school & uni is very fulfilling .... I have my best friends. My grandparents raised me to a "complying" person and I develop a "I dunno how to talk to stranger". Nevertheless I have plenty of human connection. 

Keyword : human connection

As time passes, grandparents gone off to heaven... Brother gone to study oversea at kl ( the south china sea. Lol).. I am left alone in a double story semi-d. I got used to it... 

But... I miss human connection. I find myself cannot always trouble my cousins... Or my friends... They have their own lives and they can't always entertain me. 

Answer to my original argument: it is to reserve the right to call him or her up any time of the day and it will still be ok. It's the companionship. Couple do the same stuff as friends but they dun have to feel guilty bothering each other all the time. My logic la... 

Ah... I would like a boyfriend please. Better yet a husband please. 

Happy Valentine's Day!! :p


LynthiaWong said...

If you have the 'like' button, I would have clicked it!

*Clicks 'like' button*

LX said...

LOL! We are at the age when we get a bit... hrmmph.. don't you think so? I am hitting 25!! GASP!!!!!!!!

g0hy|3 said...

i have reached my idealistic marriage age. darn... lol

ueiying said...

aww.. *hugs*

LX said...

boys are stupid. throw rocks at them!!