Monday, August 22, 2011

Singapore Girls Trip August 2011!! - Day 1

I went on an oversea holiday again~

I was feeling a bit hesitant to go on a holiday after the Taiwan and KL Trip. Erm.. Haha.. But, yes, I booked my ticket and went on this latest trip, Singapore. This trip is all about food and

We used the Airasia direct flight from Miri to Singapore...and nearly missed our flight. Haha... We got into the departure hall quite late and immediately queued in the line when we heard our names being called out on the speaker. Oh mien! We were totally late... everyone else has gone into the plane. We were queueing for the KL flight. yikes!

And so... we made it safely to Singapore...After dumping our luggage at the hotel, I went off with my aunt... who brought me to eat Indonesian food at Lucky Plaza - Ayam Penyet.
We also ordered the Asam Soup and also the Gado-gado. The ayam penyet is actually something like our Miri Nasi Lalapan but the chili paste is 'power'! It has this crispy flakes which I have no idea what is it and it is so yummy!! It is so spicy but you cant stop eating it. The soup is sour and very appetising. Slurp! slurp! slurp!...and the gado-gado is so yummy too! I love!!

Off to a good start... lol. After lunch, we went to Bugis area..where I took pic of the Smurfs deco...erm.. not planning to show it cos it is quite small. A bit anti-climatic really. I also had a cone of Black Sesame ice cream..Regret. Cos it gets a bit yucky after a few licks. Anyways... we shopped at the Bugis Street Market. I bought 3 tops (2 for myself and 1 for mum) at a bargain (if you compare it to the price in Miri la). Then wandered across the Bugis Village (i think)...and dropped by for Dimsum!
It was just an ok-dimsum. Probably because we were not hungry. Btw, the uncle has joined us after the shopping at Bugis Street Market. So the three of us had the dimsum together. But the sharing is more like half for me and half for the two of them. -.-| I ate so much!! P/s: no money was spent on food yet. All treated by my dear aunty~

Err... Dinner was at Marche, Somerset. Met up with Jac who treated me dinner. Tasted a few chunkful of Sonia's Ham & Cheese Crepe, forkful of Elaine's Caesar's Salad, shared the Veal Sausage, Roasted Potato and the desseret - Choco Crepe with Strawberries and Chocolate Ice cream... oh! Yummy!! P/S: the strawberries are so deceiving... sour la. should have ordered the mango instead. But the chocolate ice cream is to die for. It is so gooood!
After the dinner... more window shopping. We retired early cos for some reasons, we all didnt have a good sleep the night before. Hehe...

Day 1 - done!!


Laura said...

woww that food looks amazing haha is it an expensive area?

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g0hy|3 said...

Thanks. You mean Singapore? I think it depends on where you eat and shop... There are the expensive places and also affordable places...