Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Hallo KL!

Sam and I decided to pop over to KL City for a short weekend trip. As expected, mum has a bagful of stuff to pass to A-Wei and thus, the luggage bag. Can drag it carefree and carry a lot more stuff back. Yay!

Upon arriving, Sam and I were feeling so hungry that we absolutely have to get something to eat. Thus, pretzels!

But that is not enough! We wanted to go for dimsum but it is not open and so we went for the wantan noodle. Erm... No wonder they said it is different than Sarawak's.

We checked in at about 2am at Piccolo Hotel. 

And we got our extra bed because it has past midnight and we wanted it for the second night but it is still the first night but but but... ok..so we ended up with that extra bed for the night..day..gah! Confusing. Sleep time!

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