Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Full Day in KL

My outfit for KL will be of romper only. Not sure if it is a mistake but no one knows me so the heck with it. The cardigan was discarded after an hour. Too freaking hot to wear it. 

We woke up at our usual working time. So we headed over to Tous Les Jours which is just opposite of our hotel. Sam ordered the Cheese Mushroom and Bacon Omelette.

Meanwhile, I ordered the Grilled Mushroom Tartine.

Onwards to shopping! H&M and Uniqlo~

Lunch was korean cuisine at Da On Korean Fine Cuisine at Pavilion. Sam and I shared a lunch set of grilled beef ribs and hotpot bibimbap.

Our drink, Iced Lemon Tea, is RM10 a glass... so freaking expensive that I jokingly suggested that we should just kampai the sugar syrup. :p

We accompanied the guys for lunch while resting our tired feet. Then more walking around in KLCC Suria then back to KLCC Convention Centre to hang out at the guys' booth. Ate Garrett's Popcorn... Yum

Checked out Doubletree hotel room after the guys got off work. Ah..the very perverted bathroom. Hahaha...

A-Wei came to fetch us to Publika to dine at Morganfield's. We ordered the Onion Blossom and Ribs Platter. We were lucky that we arrived just in time for a table to be available for us. Hungry die already. 

5 people shared these two. I was so darned full. The night ended with a walk in the supermarket.... 

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