Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Havent been posting anything recently. Still pretty moodless. Too much things to worry about.

So, to release the moodiness, I watched a few anime on Animax.

One, God(?) Save Our King which is about a boy, Yuri Shibuya, who is actually the Demon King for the Demon World which exist on a different dimension than earth aka the real world. Anyways, the anime is sort of gayish 'cause the fiance of the King is actually a guy. Otherwise, it is a good anime. Just that one disturbing point. I wonder how it made it thru the Malaysian Censorship Board. Could it be because the anime itself never mention about it being gay?

Two, Dr. Black Jack. This cool genius doctor is always asking for ridiculous amount of money if someone seeks for his help, regardless of the fact that he doesnt have a medical license. But, he is actually very kind. Just that, he doesnt want to benefit those with lots of money and no sense of respect for others. Love this. A little suprised to know that Jeng also watch this. Haha~

Received my CPA 104 Strategic Management Accounting materials already. Which signifies another round of studying. Anxiety. I dont want to panic and do last minute studying anymore.

Asked Dancing Queen about how much will it cost to join the health club at Marriott. Not surprisingly, it costs RM2500 for the registration plus one year membership, if pay at one go. This equals to RM208 a month. is even more expensive than jinnwei's initial gym plan of RM200. Still contemplating whether to go for it or not. Give it time till after peak period at the office lah.

A chilling reminder of how short life can be when I saw the live news of the death of Xu Wei Lun. The news reminded me of the accident Decembers ago. Got to be careful when driving on the road. So, got to be careful driving at the roundabout at Boulevard. That is one dangerous place, especially at night, due to the construction of the fly-over.

Hmmm... this post turns out longer than I expected. I will be leaving for KL tomorrow night. I hope to be able to have lots of fun and relax enough to start working like a mad robot. Expect lots of pictures 'cause I have my v3i in good condition this time.

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