Monday, June 11, 2007

First Laptop

hahaha... I finally got myself a new laptop. Never had a new laptop or pc bought under my influence before. I have always used the pc bought by yuanz long ago. That pc has been used least...for more than six years...cause I remember using it for the whole university years. It is so old that whenever I told ppl that it only has 10gig memory and 64kb RAM, they would tell me that it is time to change a new one. Sometimes the old pc will 'merajuk' and refuse to start. But it would always recover when I bring it to the pc shop. However, it has finally decided to go dead on me a few weeks ago.

Time to move on. Presenting my new laptop. Dell...80gig...err...i dunno how many RAM la..haha...

Time to go all emotional... ~Fake a tear and say the all of the below in a very grateful voice~

Firstly, I need to thank my lovely mum for lending me the money for this new laptop. I promised I will pay the money back asap.

Second, my wonderful brother, yuanz, for lending the usage of his credit card to purchase this laptop and also to lend me the other one third of the money for this laptop. Again, I promise I will pay the money... in a few months time and in several instalment la..hehehe

Thirdly, Lynnx for providing such a long list of blogs so that I can easily bookmark the blogs that i often read. Without that list on her blog, I will probably not be able to read some of the blogs I always read. Hehe...


I actually dont know what to do with this new laptop... I sort of gotten used to the old pc that I learnt not to do anything at all.

Oh..Did I mention that the purchase of this laptop also come with a webcam and an inkjet printer/ scanner?



lynnx01 said...

Congratulations!! Even I was mentioned in your 'Thank you speech'. HAhahahah!!

< u3!y!nG > said...

Congrats!! and the laptop is so nice. How much u bought it for? where did u buy it?

l y n n w e i said...


how much does it cost??

Dancing Queen said...

Oooo.... someone's got a new toy! You should be glued to it from now onwards! Are you gonna bookmark me or not? Hehehe! Thick-skinned! :D

Have fun with it! :)

g0hy|3 said...

blogs are so important to me le. I was so worried that I might lose all of the bookmarked blogs but was instantly relieved when I remembered the long list on your blog. So you got to be in my thank you speech

ueiying & Lynnwei,
It is...err... about RM2600 including the printer/scanner. I cant remember the exact price cause... my memory fails me once again.

dancing queen,
firstly, I am really honoured to have you read and comment on my blog. HONEST.

I am still trying to get used to the fact that this laptop is mine. I am feeling a bit unattached to it. It is so surreal.

I have bookmarked you, definitely. In fact, I sometimes show your posts to my colleagues.

Dancing Queen said...

Aiya... paiseh leh.. you show my posts to your colleagues! :D

Anyway, thanks for the honour of being bookmarked! :D

Jayce Ooi said...

Nice laptop. I like Dell support. :)

g0hy|3 said...

dancing queen,
You are welcome. My colleagues enjoy your post very much.

jayce ooi,