Monday, June 18, 2007


[Last] letter of your full name?g
[Last] thing you ate?ricce dumpling 'chang'
[Last] thing you drank?orange juice
[Last] song you listened to? One of Hillary Duff's songs
[Last] thing you did? watching tv
[Last] movie you watched? I actually have no idea
[Last] TV show you watched? No idea also le
[Last] person who sent you an sms? yuanz
[Last] time you cleaned your room? err... last week?
[Last] CD/Cassette you bought? long ago
[Last] time you cried? saturday noon
[Last] person you chatted online with? lynnx
[Last] person you added to your friendster list? Cant remember
[Last] website you browsed? lynnwei! She tagged me
[Last] person you hated/pissed with? Oooo.... This is easy. But not going to tell
[Last] person you were thinking? Mama aka Grandma
[Last] time you felt sick? now. Flu and cough
[Last] 2 digits of your home phone? 12
[Last] place you went to? bedroom
[Last] book you read? Cant remember o
[Last] person you adored? Joo Ji Hoon
[Last] person you got annoyed with? Cant recall
[Last] person you bought a present for? YB Boss
[Last] person you said happy birthday to? aiks..tis reminds me tat I didnt greet lynnx happy bday. Sorry, lynnx! Happy birthday, yea! and also happy birthday to Jwei also..haha
[Last] person who made you smile? My junior
[Last] person who made you cry? Myself. :p

I was away to Brunei during the weekend for a motivational workshop. I will talk about it soon when I have the time to write about it. I hope I can remember the little little details.


lynnx01 said...

HAhahahah!! (soda)

< u3!y!nG > said...



Sherp said...

wahhh mannny oo i wana do too hahhaha