Sunday, June 03, 2007

A Short Break From Work

It is a long weekend holidays in Sarawak due to Hari Gawai and... err...That should be it.

Actually going to spend this long weekend working in the office. But I went to Brunei instead. For a two days one night trip. With Laura, Kelvin and Aaron.

After a morning of work, I left the office to have lunch with the three of them and then off we went to Brunei. We first went to Naafi for a little retail therapy. After Naafi, we headed to my home, which I cant remember how to go anymore. The journey got more exciting as the weather turned worse, raining super heavily. I hate driving in the rain and hate it even more if it rains very heavily. Fortunately, I am not the one driving.

After a wrong turn and two phone calls, we finally arrived at my home at Brunei to drop off some stuff and getting some spending money from Mum. After that, we went to Hua Ho Mall and did some window shopping.

We spent the night at Traders Inn. Brunei is a place that there is nothing much to do at night. Not much nightlife la... After waiting like an idiot for one hour, we went to get our dinner at Excapade Japanese Restaurant. Yuanz joined in and we all get free dinner. Yea! Thanks, Big Bro~! Luv U~!
Excapade's Japanese Dinner

Like I said, Brunei at night is really...boring. So we stayed in our room and played rummy. Yes, rummy. We rearranged the furniture in the room and improvised the luggage table as the table.
Rummy tiles

We also took break from rummy...and ate the cup noodles that we bought. Yummy... We finally landed in the Dreamland at about 3 am...
My Pop Mie - the one without the cute round thingy

The next day, we had Dim Sum breakfast at Lucky Restaurant with my parents. After a short good-byes, we went shopping at Centrepoint and The Mall. We had lunch at Swensen's...but I really dont feel like eating so Aaron and I had dessert only.
Swensen's Apple Crumble & Lucky Restaurant's Dim Sum

After a stop at Supasave Seria, we went back to Miri. So tired due to lack of sleep.



Dancing Queen said...

I didn't know your parents were in Brunei. :)

Must try lah the Japanese food there! Is Naafi the army camp?

Prince of Darkness said...

Man at least you guys have a break for Gawai, we have none and we've got to work :(

lynnx01 said...

Wahhhhhhhh koko treated you all? So nice!

HuiNingManda said...

my friend told me that brunei's japanese food very nice..

g0hy|3 said...

Dancing Queen,
yea, parents in brunei. But hardly go to Brunei since I entered university.
Japanese food... Excapade is the place to go.
Naafi is the army store. My friends actually love going there so will stop there each time they go to Brunei now.

Prince of Darkness,
Hehe... One of the benefits of being in Sarawak. But I did work on Sunday and Monday (which is supposed to be holiday as well) so no difference la.

I think koko is very 'am dui' cause have to treat all. Hahah..

Promo to your parents. Talk till they also want to go...It is true that Brunei's Japanese food is very nice