Sunday, March 02, 2008

Emergency post

As I was chatting to Lynnx while taking a break from my work, I suddenly hear a very familiar cracking sound... I looked to the kitchen and saw... FIRE!!!

Fire at the outside of my house compound. The empty land at the back of my house has a lot of dry grass... and it is on FIRE!!

Kind of remind me of the fire behind my office building...

Ermm... the uncle living next to the empty land burn the dry grass...and he is controlling the fire with a water hose in his hand... phew... Dont blame him. He is just trying to make sure the empty land is maintained (easier to walk on, got a bit of agriculture going on...dont waste the land la...)

No pic though... Dont want him to see me take pic... Also dont want him to see me and want to/obliged to talk to me...

Current status... all is smoke.. I am hiding out of sight.


Sherp said...

waiyoo.. why so many fires!

Sherp said...

oops, enter too quick.
i meant all these fire is gona pollute the air laaaaa

Lynnwei said...

wa she!!! scary nia!!!!!! did u go out to help??
it's good to burn all those grass that no mosquito! kekeke..kill all insects..etc

which reminds me...ur backyard le? got clear up or not?

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