Sunday, March 02, 2008

Lagging again

No, I am not referring to the Internet connection though it has been sort of sucky some time in the past few days. I am referring to my Internet activities. I was lagging way behind on my blog reading and forum activity due to many nights of dinners, games and CSI watching. Then I caught up with it all and even posted a blog post, which was another thing that was lagging behind.
And this moment, my forum activity is getting delayed again. Erm...This time is due to work and CSI:NY. Cant stop watching CSI...

Ohya! Eiffel Tower... I really don't know how to capture scene from video so I don't know how to show the significance of this Eiffel Tower key chain. Yuanz actually got me two gold Eiffel Tower key chains that is more expensive than the rest of the Eiffel Tower key chains he got from his Paris trip. But I exchanged one of the more expensive gold key chain for this cheaper silver one... Why? 'Cause this looks more like that one I wanted.

Why? How come?! Dong Bang Shin Ki aka Tohoshinki went to Paris last year and Hero Jaejoong bought a few similar Eiffel Tower key chains. Hahah.... Big Sweat? Tell you one more Big Sweat info - I was sort of disappointed when I saw that the gold Eiffel Tower key chain doesn't really match the one Jaejoong holding. The chain part is different. The one above is almost the same. Haha.... I know this is too much...Don't hate me.

But if you think that how I can be so obsessed.... I have actually done this obsessive thing before and I think I still have the items... hold on, let me check... ok, I threw away the McD cup but i still have the bottle.

What is the significance of this bottle? Mei Zhuo was holding this water bottle in one of the scenes of the once-very-popular Taiwanese drama series, Meteor Garden. Who the **** is this Mei Zhuo? He is one of the characters in Meteor Garden and the actor is Vanness Wu. Yes, I was once obsessed with F4. Gosh... Cant believe I say it out here. Someone will probably laugh at my face when he read this... The water bottle is a bit used and dusty 'cause I actually had used it before and then it sits in the room collecting dust. :p

Enough of this... Erm... Read something interesting just now... Thought u guys might enjoy it too... It is about Beijing Olympic Mascots.

Bah... Need to get back to work. Probably need to drink another round of coffee later. Slept at 4.15am and woke up at 10.30am. Erm...Should be enough sleep, right?


Sherp said...

u can even remember the bottle he held in meteor garden...??? i nvr notice those things..
but mayb with mike he... cough cough hahahhaha :D

g0hy|3 said...

Hehe... Cause I have the bottle and it has this unique shape... and then actually see it in the drama makes me want to keep it... I actually had a number of the same bottle before I finally keep this one.