Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year

Ah! It is time of the year again. It is Chinese New Year again!

Oh ya! I suddenly remember something I can blog about. Hold on...ok, taken pictures. Shall blog about it in the future. Hehe... Wait! Maybe not. Might as well blurt it out now. I currently has 7 bruises on my right arm and both legs. I have no idea how I got them though. The end. :p

And so, this year the new year eve's dinner is held at Lynns'. Erm... bad lighting. I just haven't gotten to the point of learning how to properly handle my handphone's camera. :p
I thought that we will probably eat, talk and then say good bye. But this year, we have something different. Before the makan, we were playing the homemade Taboo cards and also Monopoly. Err... a bit weird but it is good fun. Then, because the homemade Taboo becomes too easy, Yuanz sponsored to buy a Taboo set and so... I was appointed as the chauffeur. Drove to Bintang Megamall (errmmhmmm... Megamall. Hehe...), bought Taboo, drove back to lynns and start the game.
It was fun... Not sure when can we play again. Yuanz mentioned that he will take the game back to Brunei after Chinese New Year. Hmm...I am slow at this game btw.

First day was ok... Spent the afternoon lazing at home. Second day... open house. Erm... Ok lor... I must be getting old and lazy... I just want to laze around.


Sherp said...

the food looks so delicious!
and i THINK i see ngo hiang??
we also have it here yummmy! my mummy made it, except not pork. haha

Sherp said...



lynnx01 said...

sherp, halal ngo hiang? heheh!!