Monday, January 19, 2009

It doesnt fit

Ah! I need to take nicer pictures of my shopping items...but then I realised that what I bought ... well, actually the one that Carol want to look at is not that interesting. Hehe... So, I guess I will not be blogging about that. Instead... I shall blog about something else which is also PINK!
Presenting my newest handphone crystal case ~~

Ok... The truth is that when I got my new handphone, the guy gave me a crystal case for free but I haven't gotten to use it yet because of several reasons. Then, I thought of bling-ing the case so that I can use a bling-ed handphone without actually bling-ing the handphone itself. And so, I invested in a piece of swirling crystals sticker and one strip of crystals sticker. The top part of the case is without the crystals because the sticker is too short. Nevertheless, it looks good...

Now for the sad part, after the bling-ing is done, I tried it on the handphone and... one corner of the case just wouldnt close. Darn! Now I am still thinking of how to salvage this situation.

Now, about something else. I went to jog walk up the little hill nearby my place with Lynnx and Lynna on Sunday. Erm... Just a very short session. I felt as if the effect from too much shopping has yet to recover. Can feel slight pain at the legs but otherwise, I was doing ok.

Ermm... Apart from that, I have also been hanging quite a lot with my grandaunt's daughter aka my auntie. That little girl is my grandaunt's grand-daughter aka my cousin who was actually in the progress of torturing an insect that she trapped with a small round container. Hehe... Then the other pic is of my grandaunt preparing the pineapple cookies, my favourite, for Chinese New Year.Ah! Been cleaning bits by bits... in preparation of Chinese New Year...also dont want Mum to kill me for not cleaning the house. I am really just doing bit by bit. Then, JWei gave me an info that nearly gave me a heart attack.

My Mum Is Coming To Miri Tomorrow!

Aaaaa~~~!!! Still so much to do! How? How? How?



Sherp said...

YAY that the blingbling looks awesomeeee but bOO that the case wont closse!! >___<
before bling went on, the case also wont close??

and gd luck with cleaning! u can do it!! ask jwei to help! haha

jazz said...

yea, dun let ahwei sit in front of the laptop all the time without helping. =)