Thursday, April 16, 2009


I went through the morning in a blur - blur in more than one way. Sure, it was busy. But I cant remember what was so busy about the morning.

Afternoon also went past in a blur too... Seriously... I dont know what happen. I am quite sure I was working on an assignment but did I really take that long to complete that particular assignment?

Then, I found out something - that is too sensitive to enclose here - gosh... I am totally upset. Dismayed is probably the more suitable word.

I should sleep now. I think each time I blogged, it is always close to sleeping time. The only time my brain seems to work well with blogging...

Btw... I suddenly had the thought of organising a makan-makan session. I want to eat Beef Curry~~

Carol, where is the promised kacang-ma chicken?

Sorry~ I am very hungry now since I only had a cup noodle for dinner.

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