Sunday, April 26, 2009


I feel sort of disconnected at the moment. I easily forget things. My memory is failing me even more. Not good.

The highlights in between of my MIA are...

Miri PC Fair. I bought My Book and... I went there thrice while the year before, I didnt even go at all. I am really not very much into seeing all those stuff unless I really want to get something. Was companring the scenes of Miri PC Fair with the Singapore PC Fair (or should I say Computer Exhibition at Singapore which I went two years ago) when I was taking the pics below. A lot of difference. But Miri is a small place so not something to complain about. Lynnx was sitting next to me enjoying her lunch, I wasnt alone sitting there in indoor stadium talking to myself. Phew...

Then, there is the Kacang Ma Chicken specially prepared by Carol her attempt to sabo my weight loss plan . I just want to say that I love the way Grandma cooked Kacang Ma Chicken because the ginger was grinded and none can be seen in the soup. Ah.. How I miss the texture of the Kacang Ma....Erm.. the end. I didnt have any dinner tonight so... I shouldnt elaborate too much on food.
The peanut butter for dinner plan, which I mentioned in the previous post, was thwarted. Ended having Wah Tan Ho instead. One week passed in a blink. Actually, I am sort of in shock now cause I just realised that another week has passed. Oh no~~

Must be the PMS 'cause I am having weird mood swings. At this moment, it is a feeling of being abandoned. Weird...

Ah! This is my third time editting this post. Hehe... Anyways, Irene, here is something for you to look at again. Saw it on a chinese magazine. Really love the designs on the magazine. Here.

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