Sunday, October 18, 2009

BBQ Session

Deepavali is celebration for Festival of Lights, if I remember correctly. The office people (not all but just almost half of us) went to Taman Selera to have BBQ.

Somehow, this is always the case during BBQ... To starve ourselves first before the BBQ officially begins. By starving ourselves, I meant that we skipped breakfast. So..when the sandwich arrived, all of us ate sandwich first.
So...anyways, introducing our raw food...well, part of the BBQ food. Thanks to Carol for adding some delicious satays to our menu...and also thanks to Uncle Chua for the langsats and fresh prawns (not in picture).
And then... the food on the grill. The arrangement of the food on the grill looks so nice... everyone is so pro~
The finished product... As you can see, we are not entirely carnivorous that day. We also have some veggies, that are french beans and mushrooms. Oh wait! We also have marshmallows~~So happy to see that the pork that I marinated is such a good demand...
Know what is the most annoying thing that can happen if one go to beach to BBQ? Sandflies bites. Introducing the insect repellant. But I still suffer from it... Just one bite. Well, I think it is sandfly's bite. Not so sure. :p Also from ant bite. Darn...

Later of the BBQ session, we tried to take a group photo. But... it was kind of disasterous because number one - not everyone who attended the BBQ are in the pic and number two - the photographer is very lousy. We ended up with these shots...
Err... I have no comment.

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