Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bunny Ears

I have no idea why and how. But I promised to make a pair of bunny ears for Laura to wear during Halloween. Probably because I saw these two girls who posted in the blog on how to make bunny ears and it looks cool. I admit that despite of my interest in such stuff, I am not good in making them. Haha... Initially I hope to get some black lace to make the ears but I couldnt find any. I myself was also not really exactly trying very hard to look for it. So intead of black lace, I purchased this black satin ribbon instead. I already have the wires so... roughly, the cost for this pair of bunny ears is RM6. Cheap~~

Err... I will get someone to give me an opinion on this bunny ears. Hehe... the ears are not really aligned to the centre. They are actually slanting to the side. Didnt realised it till I secured it to the band. :p And then the sewing is really bad.... Sigh... And i feel like lace would be nicer...sexier...Haha...

From Monday, Laura and I have been going back home together in my car... We have been jogging walking at the park for this past five days. Something like attempting to exercise to slim down be more healthy. Hope this will last...
Gee.... I feel fat~!!