Sunday, January 03, 2010

2 rounds...

I think this is my first time to have BBQ two days in a row. The chicken wings are super yummy~~!!!
It was a last minute decision..., should be a sudden decision. I didn't expect myself to be going to such a place. But I did. Borneo Tropical Rainforest Resort. Kind of fun there. Unexpectedly relaxing and I cant believe that I sweated so easily when we did the jungle trekking. The sweats just kept dripping down. Whoa~! Then then... the ducklings following this mother duck around is so cute~~!!! Sorry...Reading a manga while writing this blog so I am a bit weird... Ah~! I only put my feet pic in here 'cause the thingy on my lower lips has not recovered yet.
Before stepping into the new year, us cousins (the ones in Miri) went out to Citrus to eat... talk...drink..
The many faces of Abelle before she starts devouring the Mac Cheese.
The rest of our food....
Darn... I am getting hungry looking at all these food. Bah~~


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Sherp said...

NINGJIE. i chose wrong time to read ur blog again. but luckily this time, dinner is a few mins away hohoho

so fun. wished we had a proper or more often outing when i was there... hehe but still had a great time