Saturday, January 23, 2010


Had the Waldorf Salad at Citrus during lunch with Chai. Quite nice o. Quite refreshing because the content is fruits and the dressing is yogurt. Me like-y.
Happy now-belated Birthday to Aaron~! I just got to post this up. Hehe... People, this is what you can call as cost saving, environmental friendly, lazy way of wrapping a gift. Just that one sheet on newspaper and cellotape ... wrap up the gift... use marker to write on the newspaper wrapper.. I think it is best to use the page where there is no colour, just plain black and white.

Coming soon... The tasting of the sour Japanese crackers. I can tell you that I am definitely keeping the wrapper after eating the content. Haha!!


LX said...

Yay to environmental friendly! HEhehhe

sherp said...

hahahaha newspaper wrapping!

jazz said...

hahahaha yea be environmental friendly. his first reaction will be like wat the..