Sunday, April 09, 2006

Crabs and Island

Had lunch with LeeSia...Been a long time since I talked to her. She had a lot of changes in her life. Went back to office to do more overtime and fetch jinnwei after work.

Went to SeaWorld (i think) to eat crabs and frog with Karen, Laura, Josephine and Kelvin for supper. I wasnt feeling too well...and feeling extremely thirsty. the crabs was not bad. The is tasty. Tasted just like fish!

After the supper, we went to have a drink at Island. There wasnt many people around. It is weird to see not much ppl in the bar and it is Saturday night.

The night went on like usual until Kelvin's friend came to join us and the fun begin. His friend challenged Karen to drinking.

I am feeling too lazy tod ecribe what happen.

But I went home feeling drunk and was asleep before I know it.


Went to Luak Esplanade with Karen and met up with Laura and Kelvin. There was a lot of people cause there was an event going on.

The beach is beautiful in the setting of the sun but I prefer the beach during night time when the tide is very low.

I am feeling so tired and sick now. Jasmine will be in Miri tomorrow. Grandma is still in ICU. My CPA is just around the corner and I havent finish studying yet. My assignment list is still pretty long.

I am tired la!

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