Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Life is becoming a routine

I found myself getting my life into a routine. Developing a habit for myself as I become more and more independent. But not financially independent yet...

I need to:
- Have the aircond running for a while before switching it off and have the fan on the whole night. Even if it is raining cats and dogs outside, I still need the aircond to be switched on for that period of time. If I dont do that, I cant sleep. See, this is becoming a habit.
- Check my Neopet stock portfolio everyday. Since I dont have enough cash for real stock market and I cant bear losing any of my precious money in the real world, the virtual world is the only place I can pretend that I am gambling. I have 1.5 million neopoints for me to waste in Neopets so no sweat la.
- Religiously trying to watch America Next Top Model every week even though I know who won and I can find out what happen in the official website.
- Blow my hair dry every time I wash my hair. Ever since the stylist told me that I should dry my hair, I have been doing it faithfully...It is so time-consuming and boring but still I do it. Weird!
- Collect my laundry till it is a mountain of clothes before washing the whole bunch of it. Just one person laundry. Why waste the capacity of the washing machine?
- Falling asleep after every two pages of CPA unit reading. This is really not good. I only have less than one month before exam and I havent even completed module two...

Time to go and try to read my CPA stuff...hopefully I dont fall asleep after two pages...

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