Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Tears flow freely

Ever since grandma is gone...ever since jinnwei go back to study in kl...I have been submerging myself into my work.

I dont dare to mention too much about grandma...fearing that I might break down and cry...

The other day when I brought jinnwei to highlight his hair, I asked him whether he can imagine what grandma would have said if she saw jinnwei highlight his hair. I cant help but shed a tear.

Tonight, when i read thru lynnx's blog, I cant stop myself from crying thinking about grandma.

My pc at work constantly showing pictures of me travelling in Wellington and Labuan. Trips I had due to grandma.

I miss her so much.

1 comment:

Sherp said...

Ning jie..
there are lots of constant reminder, isnt there,,,
i hope you are okay...
i know you were very close to grandma..