Saturday, April 15, 2006

She is gone

Arrangement for the funeral is happening right now. There are specialists who came to help us with the details.

Grandma played on joke on us yesterday when her heartbeat went to zero. We thought she is really gone and without us by her side. But she stayed alive for another day. Probably laughing at us for falling for her joke and wanting us to spend more time with her. Or maybe she is just wanting us to get koko home asap so that koko can be there for her.

This morning, thinking that everything is alright, I went to work. Heart fell, hand shaking, head dizzy, I answered Uncle Goh's call to find out that grandma's blood pressure has dropped to a dangerous level again.

Arriving at the her room in the ICU, tears kept falling down my face... She is no longer conscious. She cant respond to us anymore.

10 sumthing am, she finally left us.

I dont want her to give up. I want her to be well again. But she has suffered so much.

I miss her so much now. Everything in my home reminds me of her.


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Prince of Darkness said...

My condolence Yin Ning, i'm sorry to hear tat. But be strong, your grandma also dun wan to c ya break down. remember we, your frens will always be here. Just give us a call when you needed us. Take care