Friday, December 15, 2006

Busy Day?

I was the chaffeur, unofficial photographer, makeup artist, and a runner. Talk about multi-tasking.

I chauffered the Tings to the hair saloon to have their hair styled. Jas went for the straight hair look while Selene and Ivy got the curly hair look. After the hair styling, we went to Lynn's place to get the makeup done. The foundation, the eye shadow, the mascara, the blush, the eye-liner, the lip stick and the lip gloss. After the make-up, everyone got into their nice clothing and have a bit of cam-whoring.

At 2.30pm, we headed out to Typhoon Studio Krokop Branch. The appointment was at 3pm and we arrived earlier than planned. The whole photo-taking session took less than an hour to complete. They took one whole family poses, Hubby and wifey pose, three-kids poses, and individual poses. This session costs RM100.

The developing of the chosen photos costs around RM1000+ which kills off whatever desire in me to have a family portrait taken as well.

After the photo-taking, we all squeezed in my Nilam Blue Wira and headed to the bus station to enquire about the departure time for Bintulu.

Sob~! Tings go to Bintulu which means I will be alone at home. Actually, Yuanz and Dad are here in Miri for the weekends and then JinnWei will be in Miri on Monday so not so lonely la.

Ohye! I promised to bring the Tings to go crabbing when they are in Miri but I havent fulfilled this promise yet. Put a pic here as a reminder la...

I remembered saying that I cant remember what I did. Well, we did go to play badminton twice. They seems to be addicted to badminton.

Apart from that, we also go out to shop as well. Arcade is a must place to visit lor...hehe...

Christmas is just around the corner. I wonder what is there to do during Christmas...

p/s: I passed my CPA 111 Financial Accounting. Phew~! Relief~!


JR's Thumbprints said...

I haven't done the family portrait thing since I was a youngster. Now, with digital cameras, I think it's much easier to set up the tripod and pose. Not as professional as your family pics.

southpaw said...


g0hy|3 said...

JR's Thumbprints, it was my cousin's family who had the family portrait taken. I was accompanying them but I have to admit that taking pic using own digital camera is more convenient and cheaper too.

southpaw, thanks!