Thursday, December 07, 2006

Two Days of Leave

Back to work on Tuesday, had lunch at Nine2Five... The place is something like Secret Recipe. It has a nice and comfortable surrounding. I had Mongolian Chicken Boxing Rice, Cangkuk Manis and Spicy Sour Thick Soup.

Had two days off from work... No relaxing time though... Aunt Nora brought her maid over to help me to clean the garden and the backyard. In two days time, we (more like them) cleaned the whole compound and even created an extra orchid area.

Sadly, it was also discovered that the plants are suffering of some kind of fungus disease. I will have to go and find a cure for it before all the plants wither away. It is sort of disgusting-looking.

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l y n n w e i said...

yummy!!! so nice the chicken rice...haha~~ u're making me hungry, ning jie!!!


i wanna eat!!