Monday, December 18, 2006

I Declare War Against Ants! Die Ants Die!

I have always dislike ants. I dislike looking at the ants going about with their businesses. Forget the diligence of the ants. They are a nuisance to me.

But now I hate them so much. I DECLARE WAR AGAINST THEM!

Last night, I decided to ignore the fact that there are a few ants roaming around the coffee table while I was using the laptop. Then, as I ignorantly, out of habit, rubbed my eye and something stinged my eye. I quickly got up and went to the kitchen sink to get my eye cleaned. In my rush to get whatever it is (i think it is most probably an ant), I rubbed my eye which is a mistake. I shouldnt have. Nevertheless, my eye got red and swollen after that.

After three hours and a scare from Lynnwei, I called Laura to ask her to send me to consult doctor. Super worried that I might get blind le~!

We went to MCMC first. There wasnt any other patient around.
After a short wait, the doctor examined my eye. The doc couldnt find any ant in my eye and washed my eye with saline (which was really refreshing). He then suggested that I consult an eye specialist at the GH and prescribed me an eye drop.

So, Laura and I went to GH and waited for quite some time for my turn. The medical assistant (since I am not so sure if he is a doctor) put anaesthetic into my eye so that I couldnt feel any pain when he checked my eye. Then he arranged for me to meet with the eye specialist the next day. It was raining very heavily when we left the hospital. Thank you so much, Laura!

This morning, I went to see the specialist. I waited for one hour and a half for my turn. He checked my eye and then prescribed me an additional eye drop. He explained to me that my eye is due to irritation from allergy to the ant.



Anonymous said...

Poor gal, now tat U've got a red eye... Now stop looking at me... :P

Anonymous said...

yo...ning kelian im in sibu leh...hehe...hav to take good care o...miss u muchy...=)

l y n n w e i said...

good least u went to see doctor that night! though u should have went straight to GH!!
but is everything ok now??

g0hy|3 said...

My eye has healed pretty well now.

I dislike GH la... If I have a choice of not going, I wouldn't go lor...