Saturday, December 02, 2006

Been Busy (kind of)

I told you guys that I got hooked to drinking coffees at night. And so I did... But I didnt went out on the third night and so I am not really completely addicted though I was completely bored to skull. I really enjoyed San Francisco Coffee's quiche. And I miss that cup of Hazelnut Latte I had at Starbucks...

As I am living alone (seems to be dangerous to announce that I am living alone...hehe), I have held a few dinner at my place. Pic one is of a Chinese dinner but it is without any pork. I think I havent have much pork lately including the time in KK. Anyway, the second pic is yet another steamboat and this time the amount of food is controlled.
Apart from that, I watched Death Note with Joanna on Thursday night and she slept over. Which also means that I am not always alone at home. Phew!
I woke up early on Friday morning and went to have breakfast with Joanna. I had the Claypot Porridge and it is really good. Then at night, I went out to hang with Jeng. A promise to hang out at least twice a month. We hang at Siamese Secret which is really nice and we ordered a Tiramisu to share. It was interupted when Jeng discovered that the lamp actually dropped white powder and it dropped into our Tiramisu. Totally freaked us out so it was left half-eaten.
Oh! Want to thank Davis and Irene for the fabulous dinner at Nikko. A complete delicacies torture.
I think I am once again having shopping impulses. Terrible as I am supposed to save my money for play time with cousins.
Impulse One: I bought a RM79 Adidas slippers at KK and I havent regretted it yet.
Impulse Two: I bought a RM18 Nicole top at KK and I havent regretted it too. :P
Impulse Three: I bought a RM35 Vincci wedges at Miri and it will be my working shoes. Shoes are as pic below. What do you think?

Impulse Four: I bought a RM28 Giordano top at Brunei and I am not so sure about it now. :P
Impulse Three: I bought a B$3 charm bracelet at Brunei and I love it. Haha...!

So stop me before it is too late~~!!

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