Saturday, March 03, 2007

A series of events

Have to back-dated quite a long time... To the time before Chinese New Year...

Actually went to the Chinese New Year night stalls to have a look. I remember each year I would go there with mum on the final night and it would be super-crowded as everyone is trying to do their last minute shopping. Then the next day, I would hear grandma complaining about how the pork seller has sold the pork since the previous night and the pork she bought is sort of not-very-fresh anymore. anyway, this time, I think I went at the second or at least the third day these stalls opened.

The cute God of Wealth at the CNY Night Market

Oh... Went to have a drink with Jeng, Elsie and Esther at Siamese Secrets during my one-week off from office. Sort of grateful for the one week long off from work. I finally had the calamari fritters that I have been craving for a long time.

A whole loads of cholesterol

Apart from the visiting on the first and second day and also the drink at Siamese Secrets, I spent my time at home. Sleeping, surfing, watching tv.

Then, one week is gone. It was time to start working again. It is so exciting to see lion dances in our office. It actually made the time passes more quickly. We had a few lion dances this year. More than last year.

One of the lion that came to our office

The 'Da Ji' made out of Kam made by Chung Hua lion dance troupe

Went to Siamese Secrets again. This time with Jeng and Alvin. What can I say... It is good to talk to friends... This time, our conversation seems to have matured though I cant remember specifically of what we talked the previous time we met. :P
My Green Tea in pot

Then, I was forced to go to listen to this medical seminar by a chinese doctor. It was held at Dynasty Hotel and the topic of the seminar is about Breast Cancer. I got to admit that it is kind of entertaining and informative. first video on my blog..hehe.. A short video of the lion dance in my office.

Oh! And I finally got myself a new mouse. I finally decided that I had enough of the old mouse which is very unreliable. Now I just need to get used to the new mouse. But one thing for sure, I dont have to feel frustrated by my mouse anymore.

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