Sunday, March 18, 2007

I can finally hear my own music

It has been ages since my car's cassette player gave up on me. It insisted on eating up the cassette I put in it so I cant use it anymore. The only function that is usable is the FM/AM radio. At first, i didnt mind as much but since Capital FM is no longer available, I was devastated. I resorted to TraxxFM and AiFM , the two National English and Chinese radio stations. I guess I have gotten used to it that I actually didnt mind as much until they start to just talk and talk and talk and all I want it to listen to music.

I have ever suggested to Dad to get a cd player installed into the car but it didnt happen. Seems like I have to earn the money to get one myself. Sigh... The disadvantage of having a cd player , however, is that I will need to have cds to play it. Sigh. I stopped buying cds long ago. So, this is actually not a very good way to solve my problem. Somemore, I cant get myself to invest more than RM100 in the car. I just cant. I rather spend the money on something else. :P

Yesterday, I saw a device in a friend's car that made me think that there might be hope for me after all. It is a mp3 FM modulator. Just plug in a storage device containing mp3s and thru the modulator, you can play the mp3s over your car audio system. The modulator, according to the friend, cost him RM 110. Moreover, I dont have to spend money on buying cds. One-time investment.

At first, I am hesistant about getting one for my car. RM110 is a huge amount to spend considering my current cash reserve. I cant believe how fast my cash reserve dropped this month although I distinctively told myself not to spend as much. Damn the bills. I almost cried when I listed out the amount of bills I need to pay. *Fainted*

Then, by chance, I have extra cash today so I went to Boulevard IT Superstore with Joanna and look for this mp3 fm modulator. To my delight, it only cost RM85. After half-a-minute consideration and with the extra cash in my pocket, I paid for the modulator. *Still wondering if I made the right decision*

I have tried it out in the car for like three seconds before letting my dad use the car to go out. Will try it again tomorrow. Haha~~!

Recently, since I have watched the whole Goong series, I have been listening to the OST instead. I can already imagining myself listening to the OST in the car. Pure bliss~!

My new car entertainment system

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