Sunday, March 18, 2007

Eating me inside

Last week, I was obsessed with Goong that I actually sleep less in order to watch as many episodes as possible each night. I think I am getting old. I am still obsessed but I cant stay up late anymore. I have once again fell asleep on the sofa.

Work has been stressful. To explain it, I shall use Assignment A, B and C.

Assignment A is an assignment that I have been working on for the past, at least, six months. It is extremely messy and I have suffered a blow to my ego and confidence due to it.

Assignment B is an assignment that is in a hurry and messy as well. It is even more troublesome than previous year as I have to truly clear up every problems which has been accumulated from previous years.

Assignment C is an assignment that is actually quite easy but it has a lot of data key-in and matching work. I have spent a lot of time and wondering if it is even worth the bill amount it will be charged of.

Juggling this 3 assignments within this week made me even more tired. I constantly have to switch from one assignment to another till I am making clumsy mistakes, which drove my senior even more dizzy. Thankfully, Assignment A and B are almost over and done with. Just a little bit more follow-up and I can sign these two assignments off. Somehow, I cant wait to work on easy assignments. Hard assignments are good but it is difficult to handle if it comes in a package of two or more.

I am only able to get thru the days happily with the soundtrack of Goong playing thru my earphones whole day and also the images of the series playing thru my mind.

Yupe, I am still addicted to Goong. Who knows I might even be able to sing Korean songs...specifically the soundtrack of Goong. Hehe

Oh~! I want to write about another frustration that I had a few days ago. It began when I discovered that I cant seems to connect to the Internet. Damn! My streamyx bill is overdue for two months and Telekom's system must have just added in the third month charge. I cant go online unless I pay for the overdue charges. Anyways... I made the payment and I am back onlining again.

Why the overdue bills? Sigh... Living by myself and managing the money to support the home expenses and my brother's expenses. It is a cashflow problem. I am a person who wants to settle every bill as quick as possible and it frustrates me when I cant.

Then, i want to clarfiy that i think I cant gamble at home. Gambling at home is bad luck for me. Last night, I had played rummy again, this time not at home, and I am the big winner. *Grin*

Oh! A big thanks to Lynnwei for telling me where to get Goong OST. It is a bliss to be able to hear all those songs while I am stressing out.

Btw, I have also discovered that I actually get full pretty fast these days. I am not sure if it is a good or a bad thing. On Saturday, I had another steamboat session and this time, I was basicalyl full till my stomach felt as if it is going to burst. It actually hurt all the time while I was playing rummy.

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Sherp said...

ah.. still goong.. haha i wonder after my exams if i start watching it will i be as obsessed as u ^^