Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sequel to Addiction

In my opinion...

There are mainly two types of Korean story plot. One is contract marriage and the other one is loss of memory plot. Occasionally we will see a different plot but overall, they are almost the same.

Contract marriage plote is the type where the couple get married even though they dont love each other. This type of plot usually has the funny and romantic factors as the couple discovered how they have fallen in love with each other. Then after they sort of fall in love, the third party will appear and cause them both to suspect that they dont love each other and then finally confesses their love for one another.

Loss of memory plot is that the couple is already in love with each other but something happen which cause one of the couple to lose his/her memory and then years later, they meet up and the one who didnt lose memory will try to revive the other's memory of their love. The memory revived and they continued on. Then, sometimes, one of the couple will get a life-threathening illness and finally die, levaing the other half alone. This plot is more to the sad and romantic type. I dont really seeing any with funny factor to it.

So far, I have fallen for the contract marriage plot only. Loss of memory plot is not that addictive and find myself feeling so tulan when i see the plot turn for the worse, life-threathening illness. Argh!

Goong, is by far, my worst addiction to Korean series. It is the loveless marriage plot. No contract involved so cannot label as contract marriage plot. It is an arranged marriage by their grandfathers.

I started watching the series when it was halfway thru the 5th episode (if I remember correctly) and fell in love with it. It is the series they got married. Then, after that, I borrowed the vcds from my colleague and that night, I watched from episode 11 to episode 24, fast forwarding each scenes I dont like and admire the scenes i like. The whole process took me 5 and a half hour. From 10pm till 3.30 am. After a three-hour sleep, I went to work.

Needless to say, I was so tired when I went to work. While I was feeling so sick of my assignments at work, my mind is reeling with the scenes from Goong. After that day, I faithfully watched two episodes per night, starting from episode 1 which i missed. At work, I have the vcd played over and over again. I dont know what are the people talking about as it is in Korean but listening to it and the background music makes me feel so happy and energetic.

I want to download or buy the OST of Goong but I havent found it yet. And if possible, buy a dvd of Goong for my own keepsake. Yupe, I am truly in love with Goong.


HuiNingManda said...

ancient and handphone?hahha i mean the picture.. btw, i wanna borrow 'my girl' can? but i'm not sure whether i have time to watch or not ..sigh

lynnx01 said...

You're right about the plots!

g0hy|3 said...

huiningmanda, hehe... Princess Hours is about Korean royal family in modern days. So they get to wear traditional as well as nowadays clothings.

lynnx01, glad u think the same too. my colleague also has the same opinion. But she prefer the sad and romantic lose-memory plot.

l y n n w e i said...

try this...u can sign up and download korean songs, mv, etc from here...pretty good!

g0hy|3 said...

haiya..should have ask you should know where to get it. heheh...I think I will want the series from you..hehe

Sherp said...

korean series ar good~!! ^^ but im stil controllin myself